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House Movers are an Essential Man with a Van service which provides for anyone/anywhere

The Man with Van a London is a well experienced, very efficient

With great passion and determination, our team provide you with the best quotes in the United Kingdom for the service we provide. Good quality customer service really allows our customers to be keen when making booking additional moves. The man with a van is proud to say, We have loyal customers that use our Man and Van service repeatedly. Feedback from our customers is key for us. Drivers are dedicated to complete jobs for our customers and work professionally. You will be able to see our drivers are fully trained and equipped so your day with us is hassle-free.

Moving the delicate items carefully

House Movers Man with a Van London drivers are keen on moving furnitures, all types of weight and sizes. Drivers experiences allow them to take on any valuable/fragile items and place them accordingly in the Removal Van. Without knowledge and experience with in the industry, one is not able to move forward with your job securely. Even placing all your possessions properly in the Van is a skill in itself. Item space is important and securing your possessions firmly. For example, if you have an antique desk that needs moving and needs to placed right and wrapped up. Our expertise is in place to reduce all these risks for you. As usual a driver with a big Van will be ready to place your desk in a large blanket provided in the Van. Upon wrapping the blanket, your antique desk will be tied to our Van wall mounts in order to ensure a safe journey.

Different from other Removal companies

You are probably wondering what’s the difference between Man with a Van near me and Removal services. Well, basically the phrase “Man with a Van” usually stems from an easy-going/ minimal removal. This can be beneficial for yourself if you are in need of moving a single item or a few. As you are aware House Mover’s minimum call out cost is 1 hours.

High standards of work will guarantee a perfect Man with Van service. If you are in need of removal men please let us know. Extra men may be needed if your items are heavy. Also, if you are in need of just a Van, House Movers can provide this also. The drivers will turn up to your given location with the van open. You are then able to take on the removal yourself while the driver waits. Once all is in the van, your able to travel along with our Drivers and start your removal on the drop-off. This service caters to anyone who can take on handling/moving their personal belongings by themselves or partners, prices are cheaper.

Man with a Van Service In London

Man With a Van London service is tailored for our customers’ satisfaction. The reason being is that House Movers understands your looking for a removal service which is cheap, genuine and hazard free. House Movers can ensure this and our track record really does show our potential. Rest assure our contact centre representatives are here to literally give the best quotes possible. Movers team here will provide you with a price specific to your needs and wants of your booking.

Having specific needs is not a problem, just let us know upon booking so we are able to alert the most suitable driver. No matter if your specific needs are one item or hundreds of items and multiple vans, House Movers will cater to yourself. We welcome last minute bookings too, and are able to send a driver upon booking. Give us an hour and a highly trained Man and Van driver will be with you. Drivers are on the go 24/7 so give us a call any time of the week for the best price quotes ! Literally.

Making sure all good

House Movers man with a van service will tick all your boxes for the duration of your booking. All your special requirements will be managed with care. Drivers will be pre-briefed of your booking so they can equip themselves with any necessity’s for your specific needs. Our passionate drivers will complete and progress with your job as efficient as they can. Those high-quality vans are always kept clean, We will turn up on time and most importantly have the “can do” attitude.