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The Moving Checklist

Please download the Moving House Checklist. These Moving tips are to ensure your Move is carried out in an organised manner.

Moving Guides:

- Hire House Movers at least two weeks in advance.

- It will help if you let the Moving Company know the following things:

  • The number of furniture and boxes you’re moving, that will help to adequately choose the Moving Van Size. Plan for the number of journeys needed between your previous and new home.
  • If possible, a rough guess of how many boxes the packing team needs to use, so your movers can estimate the packing time./li>
  • Your preferred time for the team to arrive.
  • written instructions & directions to your new property
  • Arrange parking space for the removal van (you also can reserve from council) NOTE: the size of the vans is equal to the size of tow cars.
  • nform the removal firm in advance of any pieces of furniture which won’t go through the door. (To arrange Handymen if needed)
  • Pre-planning to let the porters know where the furniture needs to go in your new home. (use the marker pen to mark the boxes)

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