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House Movers not only provides a removal service, but we also allow our customers to choose if packing their possessions is necessary. If so, upon booking let us know if you are in need of our packers and movers or any Packing Materials as our contact centre team will provide you with a free quote. If you are in need of our packing service along with Removals. House Movers will include this in your quote. Our packing materials are the excellent quality which ranges from cardboard boxes, corrugated boxes, paper and bubble wrap. Additionally, if all you need is a packing service, House Movers can provide this too. Our trained drivers will use our vans to transport your packing materials to the given location and start packing!

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Upon arrival of our Packers and Movers, our trained team will assemble all the boxes and use other materials needed to protect your possessions. All boxes will be taped closed, and placed in our moving vans appropriately. Any other types of furniture can be wrapped in our great quality materials to ensure your items are free from harm. Our packers and movers are really passionate and dedicate their time to moving your items with care.

Our Packers & drivers are fully trained. So your day with House Movers will go perfectly! In addition to our packing materials, our removal vans are equipped with brass hooked ropes and big blankets. That will give extra protection to your items while moving. Our hooked ropes will allow our drivers to align/place any furniture accordingly in the van. Once your items are in our van (you are able to travel with our drivers to your drop of location). removal man will use our enhanced GPS systems to travel internationally, using the best routes. Trained packers team and removal men are essential, Our experience in the industry has taught us all people want is a simple yet efficient packing/removal service.

Packing services

House Movers packing service can be beneficial as we have seen in our history within the industry. All our removal men have knowledge of Main packing/moving tactics, these skills shall be sown on the day. Packing items can usually mean the removal will finish sooner as this will mean less movement for our drivers and a cheaper quote for you. This will also mean your items are in utter safeness and your service with us is insured.

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Packers Price Per 2 Men

HALF DAY (4-HOURS) 2 PACKERS = £260.00
FULL DAY (8 – HOURS) 2 PACKERS = £490.00

Our drivers have come across many types of jobs. From packing unique items, packing office furniture or just packing a baby carriage. Rest assured we can pack it all and move it all. Also, our drivers enjoy traveling overseas so your job with us is done stress-free. Our drivers are able to equipment vans with any materials needed before reaching your given location internationally.

More than the packers and Movers

Packers and Movers have experience in relocating offices all around the UK. We are able to tackle any problems you have regarding removals, packing, house clearances, and handymen. Please do contact us if this is the case. as we are aware of a bad experience with a packing service can lead to broken items and unhappy customers. House Movers is only here to add benefits to your business/office relocation, not tear it down. So our drivers will be at your assistance with open hands.

Use Home Packing Services that available 24/7. No matter the job, our drivers will arrive at the given location within the given time with the packing materials needed. House Movers literally Is available for anyone to use all year round. Even, bank holidays and Christmas! At House Movers, your feedback is so important to us, Our drivers are willing to take on any overtime needed if your job lasts longer than expected. House Movers is happy to say we have many loyal customers that love our service due to our compatibility and willingness to work.