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All your items will be cleared to eco-friendly waste sites that uphold the laws/requirements of recycling.

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The House Clearance’London’

House Movers is a professional removal company that provides clearance services around the London City. Our trained drivers are able to clear anything ranging from House Clearance, garage clearance and fridge disposals. As long as your property is safe to work, we are able to cater passionately to you. This means our drivers are willing to complete your entire move and go the extra mile. Our House Clearance service has constant great feedback and our loyal customers rely on us to clear the house, garage, etc. If you are in need of help, please do contact us through mail or telephone and we shall provide you with expert advice.

Furniture Clearance

We can clear literally anything in the house for example furniture, electrical devices, old mattresses/ clothing and bulky items. This can all be picked up by the driver, as they are equipped with gloves. Again, we keep our prices as low as possible. As a customer, you will be paying for the drivers physical work and the “recycling” of your (waste).

Garage Clearance

Our drivers have experience in Clearing roofs/attics, gardens, garages, yards, offices apartments and houses. All your concerns can be left with us, as our drivers are happy to keep working until you are happy with the cleanliness of your property. To ensure your premises is left super clean, any harmful/toxic substances can be cleared with care too. Moreover, if we are clearing items within busy premises such as a household or office, our drivers can clear without any problems. Domestic or commercial clearance? It doesn’t matter to us, waste clearances are one of our specialities so don’t hesitate to contact us!

Recycling/Clearance London

During a clearance, We are able to recycle any items if this is needed. House Movers is able to transport your goods to a recycling yard that may contain types of furniture like stools, beds and sofas. Electrical appliances can be sent to the recycling yard, along with any books or accessories. The price of using a house clearance site will be included in your quote. We can assure you the best prices minimal of the clearance work our drivers do.
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