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House Movers – Terms and Conditions

1. Our Quotations

  • 1.1. Our quotations only become an agreement when we have sent you a booking confirmation via text or email from
  • 1.2. Our prices do not include charges such as the congestion charge, parking fines due to customers not providing parking, toll charges, ferry charges, pre-paid parking charges, meter charges, and Dartford charges plus any other charges that are due to customer negligence.
  • 1.3. We must be informed about any extra destinations as there will be additional charges depending on the mileage and the number of destinations.
  • 1.4. Our system gives you quotations and prices by adding up all charges for flights of stairs, weekend, and labour charges. If any information is missed out during the booking process, we will have to charge you accordingly upon arrival.
  • 1.5. National and International quotes will vary due to ferry and toll charges. Therefore, if you make your international booking in advanced, you’ll be more likey to get a cheaper quote.
  • 1.6. All drivers are given an hour window from the designated booking time to arrive due to unexpected road traffics, accidents, and other unforeseen circumstances.

2. Your Responsibilities

  • 2.1. Customers must reserve the closest parking area to the pickup address, whether it is done through the council or done privately, and must have this organised before the arrival of our employees.
  • 2.2. House Movers customers are liable for all parking tickets or parking charges for the vehicle that is assigned to their booking during the move.
  • 2.3. Children must be kept away during the move due to safety reasons.
  • 2.4. You must ensure that all your items can fit into the destination premises as we are not obligated to move items through balconies or windows.
  • 2.5. You must be ready to start when the driver arrives as all booking times begin when the driver arrives at the pickup location.
  • 2.6. It is the customer’s responsibilty to have proof of value of any items they wish to claim for, such as: receipts, invoices and repair estimates. This will be requested before any claims can be processed.
  • 2.7. It is the customer’s responsibility to check their property for any damages during the move before the driver has left the job, otherwise we can not be held responsible for the damages and cannot accept your claim as it is no longer in our hands.
  • 2.8. It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure all items in the van are offloaded, as items claimed to be lost after the van has left the job will not be our responsibility. House movers will not accept liabilty for lost items as we can not claim on the insurnace if it is not reported during the job.
  • 2.9. All fridges and freezers must be defrosted before the job begins due to saftey reasons.

3. Ownership of Goods

  • 3.1. Customers must have ownership to all items we are asked to move for them.
  • 3.2. If you are trying to move items that do not belong to you without concent from the owner, then your booking may be cancelled and you will be held liable for the total cost of the booking.

4. Bookings through the website

  • 4.1. Bookings made through the website can be cancelled if the booking details are incorrect, in which case, you will be contacted and notified.
  • 4.2. If you, as the customer, book on the website and the price has come up incorrect, then we are able to contact you and confirm the right price before sending a van down. If you do not accept the correct price, your booking may be cancelled.
  • 4.3. Bookings requested for the same day are not guranteed and may be cancelled if it can not be covered by us.
  • 4.4. If we are fully booked and you have made an online booking, we may need to contact you to re-arrange it. If this is not convenient for you as a customer, then you have the righ to cancel the job.
  • 4.5. Online bookings that are not verbally communicated with us are not guaranteed, as we may need to clarify your details and take a required deposit to secure your booking.

5. Call Recording

  • 5.1. All our calls are recorded for training and quality purposes.

6. Cancellations

  • 6.1. All bookings made within 24 hours of the booked time cannot be cancelled and will incur a cancellation fee of 50% of the total amount.
  • 6.2. If jobs get cancelled due to the customer not been able to find parking, we will charge the price of 2 hour of the service you have chosen as a cancellation fee.
  • 6.3. House Movers has the right to cancel and/or change any booking due to: unsecured jobs (no deposits paid), customers that do not treat our drivers with respect and bookings with incorrect information.
  • 6.4. All deposits made for a booking or reservation will not be refunded if the job is cancelled.

7. Insurance

  • 7.1. Public Liability insurance in place to cover damages to property during the services carried out in the booking.
  • 7.2. Goods in Transit insurance in place to cover damages to items in the van for a value of up to £10,000.00 per van load.
  • 7.3. Higher Reward insurance in place to support our customers that have difficulties travelling, allowing them to be insured to travel with the driver in the van.
  • 7.4. Our insurance policies are in place for your confidence in our services. Any claims made on these are subject to a charge of £250 excess per claim. This will be deducted from your total payout.
  • 7.5. Please note that our insurances do not cover owner-packed goods, any items that are not packed by our employees will not be covered by the insurance unless we approve of the method of packing.
  • 7.6. Any items that exceed the value of £500 must be reported to us. You must request an inventory form from the driver to note these items. Items of value above £500 will not be covered if they are not stated on the inventory form.
  • 7.7. Any damaged items must be reported within 24 hours of the delivery of the items. Any claims to damages made after this period means that we can not guarantee your claim. House movers will not take responsibility for damages reported after the period of 24 hours.
  • 7.8. Any customers that wish to process a claim under our insurnace must allow up to 28 days for the claim to be submitted by us to the insurance company. Once we have submitted your claim, the insurance company will be in touch. This process does not have a time limit as different cases can vary from one to another.
  • 7.9. Property damages must be reported to us whilst our employees are at the property, as our employees need to take pictures and examine the damages. Claims of property damage will not be accepted once our employees are no longer at the property and we therefore cannot be held responsible.

8. Claims

  • 8.1. Customers that wish to make claims on the insurances must have written confirmation with any pictures and evidence that can support the claim.
  • 8.2. All claims made by customers are subject to £250 +VAT per claim and must be paid before the process can begin.
  • 8.3. The claim application that we send out must be filled with the accurate details and returned back to us within 5 working days.
  • 8.4. All damages to items need to be reported within 24 hours of the completion time.
  • 8.5. All property damages need to be reported while our employees are on the job.

9. Privacy

  • 9.1. All details provided to us must be accurate and up to date.
  • 9.2. Customers details are only given to the designated drivers for that particular job.

10. Congestion Charge

  • 10.1. We are entitled to charge you for the congestion charge in London when our vans are required to go through the CC London zones.

11. Discounts

  • 11.1. Online bookings are entitled to a 5% discount on the overall total.
  • 11.2. Bookings made by students can get further discounts and help on the price per hour after the booked time if they can provide student ID for verification.

12. International Moves

  • 12.1. We provide support and additional services for our international moves, our job is to help reduce the amount of stress our customers have during a house move.
  • 12.2. All Toll charges and travelling expenses are included in the quotations.

13. Jobs that we do not accept

  • 13.1. We do not accept any jobs that requires us to take items through windows and/or balconies.
  • 13.2. Heavy items such as grand pianos and american fridges are required to be on the ground floor for removal, otherwise the job may due cancelled.

14. Customers Responsibilities

  • 14.1. Customers are liable for any PCN charges that the drivers get during the booking time if parking is not reserved for them beforehand.
  • 14.2. Customers must reserve parking permits from their council if needed.
  • 14.3. All pay and display charges must be paid by the customer if parking spaces are not reserved for our employees.

15. Customer Complaints

  • 15.1 Customer complaints must all be put into formal writing and sent to us via email to be processed. 16. Our rights to dispose of customers goods

16. Our rights to dispose of customers goods

  • 16.1. Any items that are left with the drivers and vans must be collected within 7 days.
  • 16.2. Customers that have valid reasons for not collecting items can contact and inform us so that we can arrange full storage.
  • 16.3. Drivers need to be acknowledged as they will only wait 20 minutes after arrival, if the customer is not answering the phone and/or there is no response, the job will be left and full payment will be required for the booking.
  • 16.4. Customers are responsible to ensure all items have been removed from the property, arranging another trip back to the property will result in additional charges.

17. Payment & Arriving time

  • 17.1. Bookings all need to be charged 20% deposit if the total booking ammount exceeds £300.
  • 17.2. Prices can change depending on extra information or labour needed on the job.
  • 17.3. All jobs booked for a certain number of hours will have to pay for the full amount even if the job finishes earlier.
  • 17.4. All our booking have an estimated time for arrival. Please allow up to one hour from your booking time for the arrival of the van incase of traffic,road works or any other factor that may delay the drivers.
  • 17.5. All non-acccount customers must pay the full balance at the drop-off destination before unloading the items.
  • 17.6. We take a minimum of £20 deposit per booking depending on the scale of the job. This deposit is non-refundable.
  • 17.7. If for any unforseen circumstance we can not attend your job on the time of booking, then we have the right to reschdule the job for the same day at an available slot. If this is inconvenient for the customer the we can discuss to book it in for another date and time.
  • 17.8. Please note that as a company we do require full payment for the job before unloading at the destination. This applies to all customers as we will estimate the time of completion. Any additional time after that can be paid at the end of the job.

18. Non-payment

  • 18.1. All payments that are still outstanding after 7 days will result in a £25 late payment charge fee per day.
  • 18.2. Customers that refuse to pay for the service may result in their items being held in the van until payment is made, due to be charged additionally for re-delivery. Price may vary depending on your booking.
  • 18.3. Non paid jobs will result in your items not been offloaded and will be sent to our storage for a period of 2 weeks for you to clear the balance plus storage fee (Depending on volume of items, price may vary) If payment is still not made after the two weeks, we will have no choice but to dispose of all items.

19. Feedback

  • 19.1. All feedback from customers will be reviewed and taken into consideration, so please do not hesitate to give us your feedback on our service.

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