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Boxes for Moving House and Packing Materials

HouseMovers image of small house


L X W X H (MM)
356 X 356 X 356

14 X 14 X 14

These Moving boxes are ideal for small items: books, DVDs, kitchen items and small appliances up to 20KG. Double-wall cardboard boxes that you can trust for the moving day or for storing your belonging.

£1.80 per one

HouseMovers Image of medium boxes


457X 457X 303

18 X 18 X 12

These cardboard boxes are medium sized. Perfect for packing clothes, cupboard items, toys and printers computers up to 20kg. Double wall storage boxes keep your items safe and tidy.

£2.00 per each

HouseMovers Large House Removal Boxes


L X W X H (MM)
406 X 406 X 406

16 X 16 X 16

Ideal Boxes for house moving and storage. Large moving boxes have been specially recommended to make your move easier. For large items from the living room, bathroom and bedroom contents. Double wall cardboard boxes to protect your item from splitting.

Perfect for bedding, large clothing pieces like towels. Basically lining storage box and bulky items up to 20kg. Our large moving boxes are safe.

£2.50 per each

HouseMovers Image of wardrobe


L X W X H (MM)
508 X 457 X 1250

20 X 18 X 48

Keep your clothes in perfect condition when moving house! The wardrobe boxes are ready to make your move a smiley one. Cardboard wardrobe boxes are used to handle your clothing with care so your items of clothing arrive in perfect condition! Ideal for coats, jackets, suits and dresses straight from your wardrobe. The boxes have a hanging bar, it is very quick to pack and unpack, comes with handles for safe lifting.

£13.00 per each

HouseMovers image of wrap

Shrink wrap

have your belongings looking neat and unscratched. Can be used to wrap furniture and white goods to prevent scratches and protect it incase of any other items touching during the move.

Our packaging material is used to support you and your items. making sure that your goods are protected. By offering you packing materials, we know you will be more at a peace of mind. £16 per each

HouseMovers Image of bubble safetly

Bubble wrap

Why not let everything in your house be shining with no dirt no dust no cracks and scratches? jus by using our bubble wraps you can reduce the chances of having any damage to your items. Whenever your relocating and stairs are involved, be careful and keep your furniture safe with bubble wraps. This provides a soft and safe surface for your items.

750mmx100m £24 per roll.

HouseMovers image of cut offs

Offcuts Paper / Packing Paper

Wrapping Purposes for Dishes, Tableware, China, etc… Our Packing Team considered packing paper as essential to pack the kitchen especially to protect the little glass and plates to avoid getting a break or scratched during the move.

£24.00 (500 paper 10 KG)

HouseMovers image of mattress

Mattress Covers

The mattress cover is an essential material to use during the process of the Move. That keeps the mattress from the dirt and dust. Just like a Large bag designed for a mattress. Our Movers can use the mattress cover to cover the mattress in a matter of a minute.

£5.00 each.

HouseMovers image of tape

Tape / Sellotape

A pack of 6 essential tapes to be used for the boxes and other items that need to be stuck together. Strong and easy to use. Don’t forget! The little things become the most essential, especially during house moves.

£1.90 each.

HouseMovers image of different boxes


If you’re moving house or just need to clear some spaces and organise your house or office. Storage boxes offer the perfect solution. Made from double wall cardboard, these storage boxes easily affordable and stackable. Grabbing handles provided for effective transportation comes with a lid to provide easy access. keeps your items protected from dust and unnecessary mess.

STANDARD ARCHIV: 379mm x 279mm x 240mm £2.90 each

STANDARD LARGE: 381mm x 327mm x 252mm £3.50 each